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Ashley Precious Angel. February 4, 2016
Beautiful babygirl, I read your story for the first time today, it breaks my heart into so many pieces. I love you and yet i've never met you, My heart goes out to you, the only thing that helps these tears from falling is knowing that you are up their with god and he is giving you the life you deserve princess. i can't wait for the day I get to meet you babygirl.
I promise to never get frustrated or upset with my daughter or this life that is growing inside me, your birthday is coming up baby, i hope you have a amazing day up their with god.
i love you and im so sorry you went thru what you did, rest in peace babygirl knowing you are in a better place and no one can harm you anymore love.

i will be thinking about you everyday that goes by...
i cant wait to meet you princess brianna. <3
ever since i heard your story i gave had a place for you in my hart i love you like you were mine all thow i have never meet you angel i will love you just like eveyone loves you baby girl youve made a big diffrence in some poeple and on there lives and thows people will keep your story alive and make sure no child has to go throw what your littel baby body had to go throw rest in peace littel angel cuase you are now loved by alot of peopkle all around the world . . . . . .  xox sleep tight baby
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